Welcome to our world. The world of culinary culture, where everyone deserves to cook better and tastier. Cook at home. It doesn't matter whether you do it for your loved ones, or gather friends, we want you to be the best. With Peppermania, you can.

Peppermania spices and seasonings are created to fit your culinary ideas for every day.

Our success factors

Peppermania help to care about family members and friends through cooking food and pleasure from spending time together.
For Consumers
New Brand name
Consumers welcome new products and open to try following their personal shopping mission in-store at the minute and they welcome such new launches like Peppermania
We make the difference
Our offer include flavours from world’s cuisine like garam masala that is India’s legend seasoning, tandoori masala, chimichurri and the like.
We have products for price sensitive consumers and regular ones so we are good for any level of wallet.

We offer unique home pack packaging that delights consumers.
Top quality
Consumers love Peppermania for salt free ingredients, no MSG, high aromatic levels, natural set up and consumers pays us back by multiple repeated purchases.
Our distinguished and remarkable packaging design attracts the minds of consumers and makes the purchasing decision easy.
For culinary professionals and Chefs we have developed HoReCa Spices and Seasonings Offer.
For Retailers
new brand name and 80% of consume something new and ready to be innovators and early birds
Category growth
Peppermania attracts new consumers contributing to overall category increase in volume and value

Penetration increase
our brands engages shopper traffic into category by assortment diversity and packaging variety and develops the liaison between consumer and brands
Frequency purchase growth
80% arereadyto try our products and 60% returns for secondary purchases
Category role growth
70% of consumers estimated our product’s design catching and engaging
For professionals
For culinary professionals and Chefs we have developed HoReCa Spices and Seasonings Offer

Legal address
115191, Moscow, Tulskaya B. street, building 2, floor 2, room VI