Jennifer’s muesli and granola are specially created for those who follow their figure and choose healthy products. Classic muesli, where grain raw materials have not been heat-treated and baked muesli, which are baked at low temperatures, are one of the best breakfasts.
It is recommended to pour milk, juice or yogurt before use.

Taking care of a healthy breakfast.
Muesli will give energy, strengthen the immune system, a nutritious product will relieve hunger.
Muesli is rich in dietary fiber (fiber), which maintains healthy intestinal microflora and has a positive effect on digestion.
It is a source of vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain the performance of all body systems.

Add variety to your morning with delicious Jennifer’s MUESLI made with high quality ingredients, real fruit pieces, flavorful seeds, and crunchy nuts. Enjoy three unique ways – prepared warm, added to your favorite yogurt or milk, or cold-steeped overnight for a creamier texture.

· No Sugar Added

· Good Source of Fiber

· Heart healthy grains

· Help keep you full through the morning

· A sodium free food

· No preservatives

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