We make spices, pasta and granola. Core brands - Peppermania, Jennifer's


Peppermania products - spices and seasonings, durum wheat pasta, olive oil - created to realize your culinary ideas for every day.
Jennifer's - raw and baked muesli as a necessary part of your healthy diet


Olive oil


Our global target is to create brands that consumers trust.

We strive our brands improve everyday’s people lifes and complement it by adding vitality.

Through our goals, we continue to refine our food and non food choices to meet changing consumer needs by developing a broader portfolio of product choices. By recognizing changing consumer preferences and the growth potential in more nutritious products we will continue to create new products containing positive nutrition with a focus on reaching more underserved communities and consumers with healthier choices. Consumers are constantly looking for new offers, brands and flavours, new experience accepting everything new and atractive and we witness constant demand for offer renovation.

Consumer Holdings has a privilege to offer food products under brands Peppermania, Jennifer’s

We are a food manufacturer

We are a food manufacturer

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